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Having spoken to one of the Amp Bit guys a couple of weeks ago I have to say I absolutely agree with his view that this is one of the most excellent slices of classic digital electronica I’ve heard in a while. Coming on the label that’s run by Smallfish buddies Soundhacker it’s not that surprising, of course, to discover some seriously crunched out and crispy sounding vibes, but it’s the variety of sounds on offer that I like on this 6-track EP. There’s an almost jazzy flavour to a couple of the tracks that suits the abstract rhythm patterns down to a tee whilst the overall feeling is one of mutant grooviness coupled with an endearing sense of melody. When it gets a little darker, such as on ‘Ghost Voice On Tape’ it packs some super-atmospheric punch whilst remaining firmly rooted in the beats. Deep sounds and progressions of chords allow the track a whole world of (sine) movement. For my money it’s actually the last track, ‘Chewing (2009 Mix), that resonates the most. There’s something slightly Jan Jelinek-esque about the chords (maybe that jazziness creeping in again?) mixed with a touch of very old school Dan Curtin in the weird arrangement – whatever it is I adore and love this track with a passion. So, if you’re hankering after a spot of the good old purist electronica in the vein of Cactus Island or, indeed, Soundhacker, look no further than this little beauty. A really excellent release once again.



I think Poborsk is French? I could be wrong? I’m too lazy to check but he’s had stuff out on the Cactus Island label before. I remember that! Here’s a new CD by the fella on Amp Bit If Go which comes in a funky metal tin. I like to buy music that comes in metal tins. In fact anything in tins is fine by me…. apart from paint. I think that should come in small squeezy bags and should be deployed like cake icing. Here we have a 6 track EP of wobbly sounding melodic electronica. It’s very busy sounding with lots of layers and rhythms popping up all over the place. Track 3 with it’s steel drum sounding rhythm and bloopy wobblyness is appealing greatly. Great fun. It’s always nice to hear a bit of crunchy difficult yet melodic electronica and this chap seems to do it rather well. Hazaar!

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